Working Groups

Listed below are the current working groups and organizing committees within the Milwaukee IWW. These committees address particular organizing needs and work to make the union more effective.

CapTel Workers Union

Captel is a large employer in downtown Milwaukee with nearly 800 workers. Milwaukee IWW members have built a workplace organizing committee called CapTel Workers Union there and engaged in direct actions on the shop floor to improve conditions. You can learn more at

Farm Workers

Goals: To organize a union at our farm at West Bend and open a chartered IWW shop. To restructure the organization horizontally. To ensure the organization stays viable and sustainable. Establish working group/committee for anyone that wants to be involved in organizing.

How Can People Help: Helping with promotion. Get involved with events. Volunteer with educational events. We are actively looking to bring in a live in office manager and groundskeeper. We are hoping those people have experience and be Fellow Workers.

Education Workers
Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee
Equity Caucus
Childcare Collective