Direct Actions

Milwaukee IWW logoDirect Actions was the branch newsletter. This newsletter showed the breadth and reach of our organization. Articles focused on a range of organizing endeavors, including workplace campaigns, prisoner organizing, anti-fascist mobilization, our UWM campus presence, and the equity caucus.

Direct Actions #1, Fall 2016
Direct Actions #2, Summer 2017
Direct Actions #3, Fall 2017
Direct Actions #4, Feb 2018
Direct Actions #5, March 2018
Direct Actions #6, July 2018

CapTel Disconnect

CapTel Workers Union logoCaptel is a large employer in downtown Milwaukee with nearly 800 workers. Milwaukee IWW members have built a committee and engaged in direct actions on the shop floor to improve conditions. The CapTel Disconnect helps to spread our union at Captel and empower workers to fight back.

CapTel Disconnect Vol. 1
CapTel Disconnect Vol. 2
CapTel Disconnect Vol. 3
CapTel Disconnect Vol. 4
CapTel Disconnect Vol. 5
CapTel Disconnect Vol. 6
CapTel Disconnect Vol. 7

Voices From Behind Wisconsin Prison Gates

IWOCVoices From Behind Wisconsin Prison Gates is the newsletter compiled by the Milwaukee Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC). This newsletter is an organ for prisoners to communicate with one another. It consists of statements and articles written by those on the inside. Voices is mostly used in mass-mailing to our contacts within the Wisconsin prison system.

Voices Vol. 1, May 2016
Voices Vol. 2, Sept 2016
Voices Vol. 3, May 2017
Voices Vol. 4, Fall 2017
Voices Vol. 5, Summer 2018
Voices Vol. 6, Fall 2018
Voices Vol. 7, Fall 2019

A list of newsletter publications from all Wisconsin IWOC branches can be found at Wisconsin Prison Voices.

Radio Free Milwaukee & History Is Revolting

History Is RevoltingRadio Free Milwaukee was a weekly short wave radio show on Riverwest Radio produced by several Milwaukee IWW members. The two regular hosts interviewed guests on current events,  talked about ongoing labor campaigns, and discussed radical history. It produced 57 episodes between 04/16/16 and 07/19/17. You can listen to all episodes online.

History Is Revolting is the spiritual descendant of this radio show and aired its first episode in November of 2019. It is still active and episodes can be listened to on Soundcloud.