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  1. Literature for Workers

    Please feel free to print out any of this literature. Some of it was created by the I.W.W. Milwaukee GMB, some from other branches, and some were created by the IWW General Headquarters' Literature Department. The documents here are a combination of PFD's (image representing PDF type documents), internet webpages (Internet Explorer logo) and pictures/graphics (image of a camera)

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    Longer Documents



    Who Do You Call When You Need A Union: An Introduction to the I.W.W. "The One Big Union" - This is the central practical document for the IWW. It explains the union structure, some of our long and colorful history, and contains an explanation of how the union works.
    OBU [English] image denoting file available as PDF; OBU [German] image denoting file available as PDF; OBU [Spanish] image denoting file available as PDF