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      Important Links for Wisconsin Workers
    1. WisCOSH - The Wisconsin Committee on Occupational Safety and Health.
      WisCOSH is a statewide, non-profit worker training and advocacy group whose office is in Milwaukee. WisCOSH was founded by workers [both union and non-union], unions, legal and healthcare professionals and concerned citazens recognizing that every workplace has some hazards and most have many. WisCOSH is a membership based organization and it's Board of Directors are elected from it's membership. WisCOSH offers information, advocacy and training to all workers in Wisconsin whether members or not.
      Related Originations
    1. 9to5 Working Women - 9to5’s work in Milwaukee has been instrumental in policy changes on issues affecting low-wage women for over two decades. We are a grassroots membership organization made up of low-income women, women transitioning from welfare to work, and women who have experienced discrimination or harassment on the job.
    2. Cream City Collectives - The Cream City Collectives, located at 732 E. Clarke St., is a number of collectives under one roof: The Mathilda Anneke Infoshop, the Milwaukee Screenprinting Collective, the CCC Gallery, not to mention many other groups that share the space for meetings and events. These groups all work together to share resources--including space, ideas, and time. We are all unified by the mission to "provide an accessible community space that will allow for the creation and diffusion of knowledge, ideas and skills, specifically for the growth of radical and progressive social change."
    3. Milwaukee SDS - The Milwaukee SDS (located on the UMW campus) has worked closely with the IWW and are a wonderful collective of activist students in the greater Milwaukee area.
    4. Welfare Warriors - The Welfare Warriors are mothers and children in poverty who have joined together to make our voices heard in all policies affecting families in poverty, the larger community, and the Earth... We work to create a voice for mothers in poverty through our own organizations and media. Through street activism, advocacy, and our newspaper, the Mother Warriors Voice, we fight for the creation of a federal program to guarantee that all children have support to the age of 18. We educate and agitate until all communities recognize that "Motherwork IS Work" and must be paid and prioritized by the community and in the workplace. We actively protest the devastation being caused by "welfare reform."