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    This past week the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported about 100 local residents, mostly security guards and human relations, will lose their employment as result of M&I Bank being purchased by the Bank of Montreal. They are sub-contracting the security and will have less need for human relations, since they won't be hiring. Most reading might know M & I gave large contributions to Governor Walker and received bailouts from President Obama.

    The evening before it appeared in the paper, my wife and I decided to take our dog for a walk around downtown Milwaukee. We first went to the M&I headquarters to see her son. He handed us some legal documents and advised he was either losing his job or being reduced from around $12/hour to $9.00/hour with health care cuts and elimination for 1 year of sick/holiday days. As he was getting custody of his teenage daughter the next day, this was not good news. Next we walked across the river and came upon a party of M&I executives, feasting on free food and free expensive liquor, and celebrating. All were dressed pretty well, and all were white.

    Though this is a very small example, it shows how capitalism works. Misery for most, and benefits for some. Wealth is created for the few by the many.