I.W.W. Milwaukee-Generall Membership Branch Home Page
  1. Membership Meetings

    The Milwaukee GMB holds it's meetings on a monthly basis and invites any/all I.W.W. members in good standing to join us as well as the general public. Come learn how working together workers can wrest their destiny and fate from the monied, corporate interests and build a better, more egalatarian world in the process.

    The Milwaukee General Membership Branch currently does not have an office. We hold our meetings at the WisCOSH Office and Worker Training Center at 1535 W. Mitchell St., Milwaukee, WI 53204. The meetings begin at 6:30 pm [or once a quorum is established] unless otherwise noted.

    1. January 13, 2011
    2. February 10, 2011
    3. March 11, 2011
    4. April 14, 2011
    5. May 12, 2011
    6. June 9, 2011
    7. July 14, 2011
    8. August 11, 2011
    9. September 8, 2011
    10. October 13, 2011
    11. November 10, 2011
    12. December 8, 2011
  2. Organizing Committee Meetings

    The Milwaukee General Membership Branch has formed an Organizing Committee in order to facilatate the work of organizing workers into Industrial Union Branches and Job Shops within the GMB's jurisdictional area. The Organizing Committee meets at least twice a month and looks to work with other workers, Organizing Committees and community groups. The Milwaukee GMB's Organizing Committee also welcomes workers who are not IWW members in an effort to coordinate organizing and informational efforts in South Eastern Wisconsin.

      Current Organizing Efforts
      1. Currently the Milwaukee GMB has many workers who self identify as Department 6, and more specifically 620 and are attempting to form a 620 Industrial Union Branch which is composed of Educational Workers, Non-Profit Workers, Students, Office Help and Janitors among other workers.
      2. The Milwaukee GMB OC continues to support and help I.U.B. 310-Milwaukee with it's efforts at organizing and outreach in any way that it can. If you are a construction worker and are looking for a voice in the workplace come to an Organizing Committee Meeting or an I.U.B. 310-Milwaukee Membership Meeting.

      3. The Milwaukee GMB members have been engaging local Jimmy John's workers in discussions about organizing and forming a union. Many of the workers have heard of the efforts by Jimmy John's workers in other areas of the country to form a union. Locally some workers are interested, some are not and many are feeling pressure already by management and their owner to refrain from organizing. Like most workers these Jimmy John's workers are asking for better working conditions - such as consistant scheduling and sick days - and realistic pay.

        At the April meeting of the Milwaukee GMB it was decided to stage an informational event at the Jimmy John's located at 2242 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. Bayview starting at 1pm. Join us in supporting these workers who deserve to earn a living wage in safe and healthy working conditions.

    The OC has met at several different locations over the last couple years and may move it's meeting location from time to time for attendance or logistical reasons. At the last Milwaukee GMB meeting it was decided to hold the next OC meeting, and possibly more, at the WisCOSH Office and Worker Training Center. The meeting date has been moved to the 1st and 3rd Thursdays each month. Occasionally an additional meeting is added on an as needed basis. Meetings generally start at 7 PM unless otherwise noted.

      Upcoming Meeting Dates
      1. May 5, 2011
      2. May 19, 2011
      3. June 2, 2011
      4. June 16, 2011
    Please check here for any updates or changes.

  3. Literature Committee Meetings

    The Milwaukee GMB has formed a Literature Committee to investigate and create any literature necessary for use in I.W.W. Milwaukee - GMB outreach, training and organizing of workers. Most current literature comes from GHQ and a small amount from other GMBs, Organizing Committees and trainers. Dates for future Lit. Committee meetings will be posted here once agreed upon and scheduled. For online or downloadable versions of any Milwaukee-GMB literature please visit our literature page.

  4. Events

    The Milwaukee GMB from time to time will host, cohost or join with other organization's event. These events will be posted here as well as other events or happenings that workers may find an interest in. For events run by another organization there will be a brief discription and a link to further information on the host organization's website or blog.

    2011-04-28: Workers Memorial Day

    Every year WisCOSH, workers and unions gather to remember those workers killed on the job or who died due to exposures to hazards in the workplace. This year WisCOSH will hold a joint News Conference in Madison at the Capitol Building, a Memorial Service at Zeidler Union Square in Milwaukee and a Fundraiser Dinner at the APWU Hall which is a couple blocks from the park. More info. Once again the Milwaukee GMB is supporting the fundraiser by donating $100.00. Profit from the dinner is split between WisCOSH and a fund dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of Zeidler Union Squar Park - Milwaukee's only park dedicated to workers, built and designed by workers from part's manufacutred in SouthEastern WI.

    2011-05-01: Rolling Mills Massacre Memorial

    The Commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of the Bay View Tragedy takes on heightened significance this year as the State of Wisconsin is in the midst of an upheaval of activity surrounding the rights of working people and their unions.

    The event is to be held at 4 p.m., Sunday, May 1, 2011 at the Bay View Rolling Mills State Historical marker site at S. Superior St. and E. Russell Ave., on Milwaukee’s lakefront. It commemorates the tragedy of May 5, 1886 when the State Militia shot into some 1,500 workers marching in an 8-hour-day rally and killed seven in front of the old Bay View Rolling Mills, then Milwaukee’s largest manufacturing plant. More info.

    The Milwaukee GMB will march in the May Day activities and bring our flags, banners and regalia to the Rolling Mill Massacre Memorial and show Governor Walker that the threat of calling out the National Gaurd against the worker peacably redressing their government for transgressing worker's human right's will not silence our voice but only grow the awakening masses and awaken our collective strength. Neither do we recognize your power to take from anyone rights belonging to any human and challenge your ability to do so. You cannot induce the worker to beg, bow nor serve at the will of your paymasters.