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  1. National Week of Solidarity Hits Milwaukee

    The Milwaukee General Membership Branch of the I.W.W. is joining the National Week of Action for Paid Sick Days at Jimmy John's [Join in on Facebook]. Following up on some initial inquiries at several local JJ locations in and around Milwaukee the Branch has decided to hold an informational event at the Jimmy John's located at 2242 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Bay View, WI.

    The Milwaukee GMB has reached out in solidarity to 9to5 Milwaukee. Recently 9to5's Paid Sick Days Milwaukee Campaign - which nearly 70% of City of Milwaukee residents voted in favor of - won it's court battle against MMAC and all workers working within the city limits - regardless of where they live - now had the opportunity to have up to 9 paid sick days a year depending on how many hours they worked and the size of the business [number of workers] that employed them. ALL WORKERS. Union, nonunion. We are glad to announce that 9to5 Milwaukee will be joining us in the event and efforts to help these workers. [Gov. Walker, and his ilk, quickly passed legislation to outlaw citazens passing such local ordinances.]

    It has been common for JJGS workers to be disciplined, including being fired, for not reporting to work when they're sick and they couldn't find coverage for their shift. That's right the sick worker has to find the person(s) that will cover their shift(s) while sick. The workers have no sick days - paid or otherwise. No worker should have their health put at risk because a coworker had to come in to work or loose their job. Neither should a customer have to risk getting ill because they happened to stop in for something to eat. JJGS doesn't seem to respect anyone. Not the workers who perform the work that make them their profits. Not the customers, by and large working people, who come in and purchase the goods made by the workers which make the owners their profits.

    Respect. It's the basis of most workplace issues. JJGS advertises that they're "mama approved" and "world class" but without respect for your workers or customers is really closer to nada approved and worridly crass. Add on top of that that workers tend to be paid minimum wage, have irregular hours and routinely are sent out alone to deliver orders and it seems to show that JJGS really only values your money. Either how much you're willing to spend on an order or how little they need to recompence you for your work.